our Active plan

2.0% daily
for 100

business days

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30 business days:


instant withdrawal on tusedays ONLY

MIN deposit :

5 $

Max deposit:

1000 $

Min withdraw:

2 $

Double your assets in a hundred days period safely

Your deposit have passed from the time you made it instantly, Minimum withdrawal amount is 2 $. All withdrawals are instant (only) on tuseday s and it will available on friday s after first 45 days running . Our interest rate is 0.08% hourly for deposit amount starting from 5$. Once you make a deposit, an interest will be added to your account beginning from the next hour. You can have as many deposits as you deem fit.

our lifetime investment plan

business plan


earn money in a logical trust plan like a boss

you will be our official shareholder

Required Capiatal :

280,000 $

Time to Start:

4 months

Net Present Value:

6.67 M$

Project Growth rate :


initial capital back in:

End of first year

Cooperative period :

Five years $

We will return all of 280,000$ to investors at the end of first year

We assign 20% of profit for 5 years

We are commited to creating a travel platform for our 14 million guranteed user base and we need 280,000$ invest to do that.And after 4 months (for designing and starting up we will return all of 280,000$ to investors at the end of fisrt year and assign 20% of our profit share to them for 5 years.

All of these works will start and continue on legal and official documentation

Please send email to us for more information (

No need to invest first we will collect all forms and investing amounts then we will inform all to pay according to documentations